Monday, August 9, 2021

Gloucester 400

TL;DR -- Gloucester, where it all started, gets to kick the can first. Wait, where's Weymouth in the planning? So, we can talk of a countdown. At the same time, SAR/DAR look to their 250th. Then, all of the towns of Essex County (most anyway) can do their festive best. And, Boston? Of course. 


As a reminder, we point to the Dorchester Company's role in motivating the Cape Ann venture. Things are progressing to 2023. Gloucester unfurled their 400th flag the other day (August 1). Lots of news and reports have been collected. 

As of today, we are 509 days from 2023 (start of the celebrations). Too, today, SAR's clock shows 4 years, 10 months, 25 days

There will be many 400ths as we saw with Plymouth in 2020 between the 400th of Gloucester and that of the 250th of SAR/DAR and later. Those will be interesting decades. 

Some posts with a Cape Ann (and Gloucester) theme:

Looking forward to the next two years after having spent a decade of getting familiar with the territory. And, it will be good to discuss the long reach of New England, the heritage of the Cape Ann venture. 

Remarks: Modified: 12/06/2022

08/11/2021 -- Weymouth is 2022 (FB). So, they're up first. 

12/06/2022 -- Weymouth is ending this month; Gloucester is next. 

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