Monday, August 30, 2021

Titian exhibit

TL;DR -- The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum pulled together an exhibit of paintings by Titian which were a few months late due to delays related to Covid and weather. Isabella Stewart married John Lowell Gardner III of Boston. She created the Museum to display their collection. 


An exhibit of Titian paintings at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum that is getting notice offered a good time to pull together what information that we have. First, here are some of the stories of late about the effort that went into getting the exhibit planned and accomplished in the age of Covid. 

The Museum was named for Isabella Stewart (Stewart-30604) who married John Lowell Gardner II (Gardner-12162). Our first post on the couple was titled Isabella from 2011. John Lowell Gardner II was a descendant of Thomas and Margaret through their son, George. A post in 2016 showed one Salem connection of the family (Gardner-Wyman-Peabody Mill). 

A biography of Isabella was published in 2003. The Museum endured a theft 1990 that is still an unsolved mystery. 

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