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Context, New England

TL;DR -- 2020 was for Plymouth; 2023/4 was for Cape Ann (Salem). For the latter, Gloucester 400 became the focus which chose 2023. Before that, Weymouth (Wessagusset Colony) will come into sight as their time will be 2022. After that, lots and lots of towns will celebrating. Starting with Weymouth, we will highlight the area and its people with the intent of lifting personal tales into the public awareness from the long histories of families here from the beginning. 


Earlier, we looked at the 400th planning for Gloucester. That is the Cape Ann area which is part of Essex county. There will be a lot of attention on that county as we look at the decade of entries. We had a post that showed a graphic (early post, Jan 9, 2011) which can be used to remember the towns of Essex county. 

Essex County

The year for Gloucester was 2023. We knew that there was another which turns out to be Weymouth which is in Norfolk County and has 2022 as its year. We will be looking further at Weymouth which is 11 months away from their celebration, as Wessagusset Colony which had been a commercial venture. 

For now, we wanted to start to relook at New England, as a whole, continuing the theme of this post (Inflow and then ebb). By 1630, when Winthrop arrived, the inflow was ready to, and did, increase. After about a decade, there was a tightening of the inflow. That cut the dynamics and reduced the marrying pool for several generations. 

Of note will the the 250th related to SAR/DAR which was handled by the sixth generation

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