Monday, August 23, 2021

22 Aug 1485

There was a memorial ceremony at Bosworth. Richard III died 22 Aug 1485. 

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The American Branch is open to membership by any interested party. 

This represents what the web/cloud can be. People organizing for various reasons. But, too, supporting research will be a regular activity. 

We have had several posts on this subject. Richard III and Gardner was a 2015 summary. In a 2019 post, we touched upon some of the history of the search for the remains of Ricard III. The writer, Philippa Langley, encouraged the researcher. As a reminder, the remains had been covered by a parking lot. 

In that same post, we mentioned our problem of determining what happened to the remains of Thomas after his Burial Ground had been diverted to commercial use without due respect for the prior burials. 

The internet will continue to scale down the world; at the same time, research will boom and scale things back up. The demands for proper handling of information will grow as will the means for doing so, using technology still mainly a dream. 

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