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TL;DR -- 400ths, we have touched on that for a while. Last year, a major 400th was cancelled, in terms of people being involved personally. That might be the case for a bit more. However, virtual is what we need to have for a focus going forward, in terms of persistence. Persistence? Yes, even DARPA is thinking of 100-year time frames now. About time. The B52 is over 60 years old, still performing. 


Which one? By right, we need to include Morton and others twixt the Mayflower crowd and Cape Ann's invasion. So, let's do that. As well, after Morton and Cape Ann, we would have a series of events related to the towns/cities as they became organized. See Timeline of Settlement on Wikipedia. Starts with Weymouth (1622) goes through Ipswich (1633) and Woburn (1640) ending with Worcester (1673). Altogether, there are over 70 towns/cities. 

Timeline of Settlement
Massachusetts Bay Colony

What we would like in terms of focus? Several things. One would be a living book related to the descendants of Thomas and Margaret with information about collateral families. Too, more interaction with descendants (friends) of other Cape Ann families. 

On the other hand, the internet is a mess. The TGS can show by example. Who wants to really tackle the beast? This is imperative, as do we want the likes of Musk, Bezos, and others ruling our life via their insidious cloud which stifles, actually suffocates us, many ways? 

For Thomas and Margaret and those related to the early endeavors, we need a living book. The concept of multi-media seems quaint, but there are lots of way for us to go (including educational games). Actually, ought to go.

The main drift? Truth engineering and its requirements. Lots to do and discuss (in that order, discussion needs to be about things of substance, as in concrete - to now, lots and lots of computer stuff is pure flimflam even things mathematical). 

-- Families --

Some families have been researched. There are many ways that information has been presented. We want to have a properly filled in look at the progeny Thomas and Margaret and have started with WikiTree. But, issues of technology will always be on the table. 

Then, we need a general focus with respect to modern events as they relate to the past. One might use Amelia Earhart as an example. William Coffin Coleman is another that is pending some work. 

-- Technology --

We will recap what has been thought about so far with respect to the 400ths and other anniversaries. Too, we need to think of presence every day. And, that presence ought to be of use. Even DARPA (behind technology for decades) is thinking of systems in terms of 100 years. So will we. 

--- Our posts on 400 --

As we see with the portal to truth (, we have a text scroll with tidbits from various TGS publications. This can become a multi-media affair which will persist and become a backbone for future presentations. 

Remarks: Modified: 08/13/2021

08/13/2021 -- Updates: Gloucester after Weymouth for the 400ths. The 250th of the sixth generation? SAR/DAR. 200ths: Michigan, Carving the land, Missouri and the west

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