Thursday, September 5, 2013

400th, again

Jamestown has already had their commemoration. Other look backs loom; preparations abound.

We have had the 400th (again) in mind, too, for awhile. There will be many beyond Plymouth, Cape Ann, Salem and their peers, as each of the towns of New England will celebrate their beginnings. Here is the long list from Wikipedia's write up on the Massachusetts Bay Colony: Timeline of settlement.

Aside: Anyone with the usual mix has 1000s of relatives, and towns, to celebrate, so let the good times roll and roll and ...


Today, I ran across a site about Rev. John White. Rev. John was a main motivator behind what became Massachusetts.

Rev. John White
in context
Aside: We have mentioned Rev. John several times. Some thought that he was Thomas' uncle. Rev. John did not come to this side of the pond, but some of his relations did.

The site, sponsored by the Benefice of Dorchester, was set up for the 400th anniversary of Rev. John's appointment as Rector of Holy Trinity and St. Peter's churches. 

There is a sub-menu that points to different categories of information about Rev. John. I really liked the timeline page (image from that page). Notice the major categories which relate Rev. John's time with events in England and the World.

Aside: We need to do more of these plus-minus types of things as we talk about origins and motivations.

The site has a nice bibliography. Also, the site looks at more than Rev. John's involvement with the Dorchester Company.

Aside: It was nice to see the recognition of Rev. John's (in-law) 400th.

Remarks:   Modified: 10/17/2022

09/23/2013 -- Example of celebrations to come: 375th of the First Congregational Church of Hampton, NH.

11/13/2013 --  Phippen would be part of the slate fill.

06/06/2018 -- Need to prepare for 2023/4. Some, of literary inclinations, have looked back 200 years: American Jeremiad. But, we need to go back to the Cape Ann times and before.

12/30/2018 -- The 400ths will be one theme next year.

07/17/2019 -- Changed to using commemoration.

10/17/2022 -- Removed errant links, for one the "dorchesteranglican" one. 

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