Saturday, July 17, 2021

Sons of the American Revolution

TL;DR -- Genealogists are not logical. This we will go into at some point. Many are patriotic. As we see with SAR and DAR. We are nearing the 250th of the Revolution that started the U.S. As such, there are lots of things to report and to discuss. Thinking of the 150th, which was 100 years ago, consider the state of technology? 


We could have titled this "Genealogists are not logical" but let's keep that for a later date. Today, we want to mention a page that pulls together the search methods for the

            SAR and DAR databases. 

We have mentioned these two before and like that there is a common reference point. Too, we can thread lineages from 400 years ago through those two to filter out interesting stories. 

The below list pulls together a few posts from the past as this will be a continuing theme. As well, the 250th is coming up and will be getting more attention as we go along. 

These are not in order.

  • In the small (April 2021) -- looked at an example of trying to find information on a patriot who had dealings with George Washington. 
  • Middle and out (October 2020) -- recap of several months of work on application research. It ain't easy. 
  • Locales and their history (October 2018) -- these groups help locals to document their history which ought to be appreciated by all. 
  • Spirit of '76 (March 2018) -- early attempts at publication deserve our respect. 
  • Revolutionary experiences (December 2020) -- some of the activity covered a wide range of area. 
  • Support specifics (October 2020) --  recap of resources found and utilized over the scope of our activity with regard to Gardner Research, including SAR & DAR. 

Both of these groups will be interesting to watch over the next few years as the 250th advances, arrives and wanders down the road. 

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