Sunday, March 27, 2022

Women's History Month, 2022

TL;DR -- This month, the Gairdner Foundation announced a special award for a woman researcher who will be identified in early April. We had known of the organization since our own early research and went to find out about Women's History Month. We also took the opportunity to mention a few (via a post) of the women who will be subject to attention in our work. We have written many posts about the women of interest to 'All things Gardner' over the years and will index these references.  


Earlier in the month, we saw the Gaidner Foundation's post on Women's History Month on their Facebook page and wrote our own blog post. We had made reference to the non-profit organization over the years. The founder was of a family from Scotland who wanted to support medical research. He founded the organization in the 1950s. Now, it offers yearly prizes and keeps up the interest with a ceremony held yearly. To date, 97 of those who got an annual Gairdner Foundation award went on to obtain a Nobel Prize. That is something to look at further, especially in how to support technology and research of such which is our interest. 

Gairdner was going to announce a special award in early April for a woman researcher. We will be paying attention. Also, on their FB page, they have listed some of the female winners their prize. The first such recipient was Eleanor Zaimis in 1959.  

We had been looking at the history of Harvard, starting with a survey of the Heads of Harvard, for the purpose of matching up the histories of the U.S. and Harvard. There was a recent Head who was female and deserving of attention. Our focus had been at former Heads in order to establish themes and relationships. Many Heads were from New England. Some were recent arrivals. 

Drew Gilpin Faust was the 28th President. The current occupant of the office is the 29th. President Faust was from the American South but does have New England genealogical connections. She was one of the few Heads who was not a graduate of Harvard. Faust attended Bryn Mawr.

Speaking of Bryn Mawr, we stopped to look at its history in Quakerism. Turns out that one of its professors had fled Nazi Germany. She was a mathematician of note and is buried in the U.S. We are speaking of Prof. Emmy Noether who was from a mathematical family that was split. She will come back into attention, again, due to the mathematical aspects of some technology issues.  

Over the years, we have had many posts about women in the long 400 years from early New England down to the present day. One task will be to identify these as we get going in our 12th year.

Women's History Month has been declared for several years now but has a long history back to 1909. see details at the website for the National Women's History Museum. The early references relate to International Women's Day

Remarks: Modified: 03/25/2023

03/25/2023 -- The focus was on Margaret and Hypatia for 2023.

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