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Joseph B. Felt

TL;DR -- While researching John Tilley, we saw references to material from the works of Felt and went to see who he was. One of the first hits was from AMSTATNEWS. Okay, that's significant. Turned out to be a recent article. Looking further, we saw that he had lots of publications accomplished. And, he did statistical work for the State of Massachusetts, hence the interest of the American Statistical Association. 


What got our attention was following up on links during research related to John Tilley and finding out that our reference of work (say, Annals of Salem) by Felt was quite extensive but without details about who he was (Felt, that is). So, on looking, we find an article at AMSTATNEWS which is the membership magazine of the American Statistical Association (was a member once upon a time). The article? Joseph Barlow Felt. Actually, we were trying to fill in information about Rev. Felt, as, in many references in post to Felt, there was only one that mentioned his first name (our bad). And getting mentioned in AMSTATNEWS requires some attention. It was recent, 2014, so let's look at another. 

Rev. Felt was mentioned in the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society in 1876. He was about 100 years prior to Dr. Frank which is about 100 prior to our time. So, he is a child of a Patriot which we will look at further. See Memoir of Joseph Barlow Felt, LL. D. His parents were John Felt and Elizabeth Curtis. He matriculated at Dartmouth. Later, got an honorary from them. 

Rev. Felt's WikiTree profile is sparse. That needs some correction. Gosh, he was the president of the New England Historical and Genealogical Society. 

Definitely oversights abound. 

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