Monday, March 13, 2023

Margaret (Fryer) Gardner

TL;DR -- Margaret, as equal and with her family, are continuing themes. We revisit our posts so far plus the information obtained from the records of Sherbourne, Dorset, UK. 


Last time, we noted that Margaret would be an equal partner with Thomas as we also mentioned that the focus on Cape Ann will start in 2023 and continue throughout 2024. For Margaret, we have pulled together some of the posts about her.

This graphic shows some of the new information about Margaret and Thomas that needs attention. Here is a summary: Margaret's parents, Walter and Grace, were married in 1591; Thomas Gardner was baptized in 1591; Margaret Fryer was baptized in 1598; Walter Fryer's will in 1610 mentions Grace and Margaret, as well as a son Thomas who came over; Thomas and Margaret were married in 1617; son Thomas was born in 1618; George was born in 1619; and Richard was born in 1622. 

Research: Margaret Fryer 
and family

One reason for taking this couple as the one who came over is that they do not continue to appear in the records of Sherbourne. Plus the first of the sons match up with the Cape Ann family. 

We mentioned that we have been looking at other Cape Ann families. We will try to split these into the early families (before Roger Conant's arrival) and later (before John Endicott's arrival). In the later period, there was the movement Massey's Cove and Salem. 

Remarks: Modified: 03/13/2023

03/13/2023 -- See "New not old planter" post with regard to research findings. Thomas and Margaret have children registered in England until 1633. 



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