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Roger Conant

TL;DR -- All along, we have intended to look deeper into the Cape Ann families. First, we have to get a good list. That may take some work. So, let's dive into the families that we know of now. This post gets us to start to become familiar with Roger Conant's family and progeny. For starters, we look at known relationships with the Gardners. 


Children of 
Roger Conant
One of our goals is to document Cape Ann families and their descendants beyond our look at the progeny of Thomas and Margaret Gardner and their collateral families. Recently, we looked at John Tilley (Tylly, Tilly) who was a co-lead with Thomas in the early party; the post was motivated by a research article published in the latest NEHGR. A little earlier, we stopped to consider the Woodbury family, again due to the NEHGR. There are several other posts that dealt with Cape Ann as it will be a common theme for us. 

The next post will consider a member of the Conant family. In the 700-page History of the Conant family, which can be viewed via archive.org (as PDF) - as we noted a while ago with respect to researching the Cape Ann Great House, there are thirty-four references to Gardner. In Dr. Frank's 1907 book, with 365 pages, there fourteen references to Conant. 

As well, Dr. Frank noted that his grandmother, Lucy Foster Wilson, was a descendant of Conant. It is time that we look at these two families and fill in the pieces based upon material collected over the past 150 years. 

As a reminder, we had an earlier page that used the Conant book (using Google's format): James Bryant Conant. The family studies seems to have covered a lot of material which is commendable. 

Joshua Conant 
Seeth Gardner
The following images are from the Conant book which dates from 1887. We will also bring in the NEHGS Great Migration material, as we map out how the families related. 

Joshua Conant 
Christian More
With respect to Roger (WikiTree: Conant-34) and his spouse, Sarah Horton, the first list identifies his children. Then, we see that Joshua Conant married Seeth Gardner, daughter of Thomas and Margaret. They had a son.  

Their son, Joshua (WikiTree: Conant-54), married Christian, the daughter of Richard More (WikiTree: More-108) of the Mayflower, as his first wife. Christian died young; Joshua married Sarah Newcomb.  

Just now, stopping to look at WikiTree shows that there are many descendants that have been documented for Joshua and Seeth which motivates us to take another look at Seeth and her sister Miriam. 

But, that is one purpose for having this type of focused look at the material. It can found the basis for further research; doing research can help get the material updated. Never-ending process. Technology, today, provides some interesting tools, albeit there was plenty of material available in the earlier forms. We will be looking at that on a recurrent basis, too, 

Remarks: Modified: 04/15/2022

04/12/2022 -- With respect to sourcing via the Conant book, this image shows that JB was penciled in. 

04/15/2022 -- Richard Perry Conant, the riverman, is a descendant. 

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