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Benjamin Wadsworth

TL;DR -- In our long look at the U.S. and before, we will use Harvard with its association with the beginnings of the country. Benjamin Wadsworth's time after the Witch ordeal and before the turmoil of the wars (French-Indian and Revolution) needs further attention. 


Our look at the Heads of Harvard (Wikipedia) has been quite useful with only a cursory look. We will be taking this theme as a regular meme while we continue the review of the U.S. through time, including before and after the Revolution whose 250th anniversary is coming up. Initially, the interests were several, but we have started with this look: 
After completing the list, we will tie U.S. generations back to these Heads in terms of general happenings as well as specific family involvements through the 400 years. Before 400 years, plus or minus, we will be looking at the colleges near London which are of such fame. 

This post introduces Benjamin Wadsworth (1725-1737 -- see Wikipedia, WikiTree). Per usual, we did a quick genealogical check to find New England links, such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, but there is a lot more research that could be done (we will list the Heads for whom very little genealogical research has been done, at some point) to identify collateral families related to Wadsworth and his wife. 

His biography at Harvard's archive indicates the transitional period of the early 1700s where Wadsworth focused on College rules and curriculum. However, the times were those of loosening virtue. Too, the whole of the period after the Witch ordeal and the turmoils of the wars was very influential to the making of the U.S. spirit and needs attention with respect to current times and their troubles. 

The Harvard archive now points, via the "wayback machine", to all of the graduates of the colonial period with their class identified plus their death date.  

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