Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Lexington & Concord

TL;DR -- Only three years remain before we can revisit for several years the origins of the U.S. from the early times of Cape Ann and of other sites. Looking forward to it. 


The 250th is approaching. Today's D.A.R.'s page on FB (requires a login) pointed to this conflict (image pulled from that site). We have had several posts related to the subject but wanted to emphasize the work needed to keep up our research related to Cape Ann to Patriot. D.A.R. and the NEHGS are focusing on Passenger to Patriot and Pilgrim to Patriot, respectively. 

We also want to know of Loyalists. The Two houses post is an example of one such story. 

Remarks: Modified: 09/14/2022

09/14/2022 -- Original image went away. Using Wikipedia's. 

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