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Edward Everett

TL;DR -- As we pursue the list of Heads, the sampling has been informal. Today, we pick by family name and look at Edward Everett who had quite a career outside of Harvard. He disliked the 'rowdy' students, one report said. But, he helped get an applied focus in place, namely science and engineering. Harvard over the 400 years of the U.S.? Significant in many ways. 


Our look at the Heads of Harvard (Wikipedia) has been quite cursory so far. This one was interesting due to Edward Everett (Wikipedia) being about half-way from the start to now. Just a quick review brought up several topics to pursue. For instance, he has a solid New England pedigree; his wife has one that is even more complete. So, we will venture further in that domain than we have before, at some point. This post is a mere summary. 

Initially, the interests for looking at the Heads were several, but we can start with this list: 

After completing a first pass through the list, we will tie U.S. generations back to these Heads in terms of general views of the U.S. For instance, D.A.R., in an overview of their mission, stresses the upcoming 250th where the U.S. split from European influence, somewhat. It still had to contend various ways. On the other hand, D.A.R. notes that the whole idea of an American Spirit has lapsed. To us, that has been apparent for some time. Does having an old pedigree mean anything?

Okay, Harvard? Early on, it might have argued about a universal view where country was mere borders established somewhat arbitrarily. That universal view would have been heavily Christian. Later, a more technical spirit emerged. That encouraged the elite view that was there from the beginning to take strong hold. Hence, Harvard is of the world's upper crusts, somewhat. 
Edward Everett
Aside, we'll go back to Rev. John Wise to found a proper discussion, at some point. A pamphlet of his was reprinted by Patriots over 250 years ago. What does this have to do with Everett? He would have been a progeny of those of that time. Too, he lived in the era of the Civil War. 

For some Heads, WikiTree had little information which is usually the case where there are no children involved. That is not the case, now: Edward Hill Everett (Everett-650); Charlotte Gray Brooks (Brooks-2069). However, the WikiTree Profile of Brooks has no regular interest. When we talk New England, the basis, for us, is Cape Ann, or, one might say, Essex County. Brooks has many threads from that little locus. 

But, Harvard is more than involvement with the trivia of everyday life. Oh? We will discuss that notion, too, as the changes seen on the horizon now indicate that some lessons to be learned were not, both here and elsewhere. So, Harvard dropped the ball? 

One commenter expressed that Everett grew dissatisfied with the Head role fairly quickly (one alleged factor? rowdy students). His time in the office was close to three years. One achievement was getting the Lawrence gift applied. 

Remarks: Modified: 04/30/2022

04/30/2022 -- For starters, we can take a brief look at the Daughters of the American Revolution. There are three looks at different times, 1953, 2003, and 2021. Plus, the Encyclopedia's coverage considers some of the history plus the mission. D.A.R. has evolved like the rest of us. 

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