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Urian Oakes

TL;DR -- The U.S.? Lots to say about its history and future. The latter is problematic as we do not really know the former. Turns out that Harvard's parallel existence over the long years from the colonies to today is very much of interest to a relook at the U.S. A small beginning is this pass through the Heads. 


Our look at the Heads of Harvard (Wikipedia) has been quite cursory so far. This one was interesting due to Urian Oakes being the fourth in the role. He spent time here and abroad; his family was involved with the Ancient & Honorable Artillery company which bears a closer look. 

Initially, the interests for looking at the Heads were several, but we can start with this list: 

After completing a first pass through the list, we will tie U.S. generations back to these Heads in terms of general happenings as well as specific family involvements through the 400 years. Before 400 years, plus or minus, we will be looking at the colleges near London which are of such fame. 
This post introduces Urian Oakes (Wikipedia). Urian and his wife were childless leaving them on the stack of forgettables that we intend to pay attention to. Hence, there is no WikiTree record for Urian. However there is one for his brother, Thomas Oakes (WikiTree) who was a Physician. 

Urian Oakes was a chaplain for the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts. His brothers, Thomas and Samuel, were members. Urian preached the election sermon in 1672. 

Penn has a collection of sermons by Urian Oakes (1631-1681).

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