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Cape Ann settlers

We know that Thomas came over with a group that was trying to establish commercial activities in New England, at Cape Ann, in the sense of being able to send product back across the waters. The Zouch Phoenix list suggests who was there. However, there were other participants. Crews had been visiting the area for a while; among these would have been fishing interests from the other Cape.

One person was Woodbury (namely, John). See Nutfield's post about meetings of John's descendants. John had a brother, William, who came over, too.

Anyone with an extended tree with Essex County, MA ancestors may find some one who was at Cape Ann. Some of these are listed as Old Planters (Conant, Balch, Woodbury, Palfrey and, sometimes, Trask). Others stayed around, too, such as Allen, Norman, and Gardner. Too, we cannot forget Tylly.

400th, again
Aside: Dr. Frank tried to expand upon the "Old Planters" with an illustrious group of collaborators, but he didn't get far. We need to recognize the Balchs and Woodburys and others for meeting together all of these years on a regular basis.

Now, our intent is to gather information about the Cape Ann families and present this in a coherent manner. The interest in these things will grow as we go toward the 400ths (BTW, early 400th, 1941, Quivira, in Kansas).


So, we will find descendants, hopefully, of all of the Cape Ann group. As an example, in one tree, I found these Woodbury lineages which shows how families can relate and interrelate.
    John --> Lydia (Woodbury) Herrick
    John --> Peter --> Priscilla (Woodbury) Ober
    John --> Humphrey --> Isaac --> Robert --> Thomas --> Ruth (Woodbury) Ober
    William --> Hannah (Woodbury) Haskell
    William --> Nicholas --> Abigail (Woodbury) Ober
    William --> Nicholas --> Joseph --> Hannah (Woodbury) Masters
Those strings terminate at a daughter (I'll do another view later to show the wives at each generation) and can be brought forward.

Remarks:  Modified: 03/14/2019

03/14/2019 -- Another look: Cape Ann Retrospective. Added this to the image index on our portal to truth

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