Thursday, February 16, 2023

Languages and their use

TL;DR -- The fundamentals behind New England and its long reach about which we have a focus and write about? The advent of technology of recent which motivates both awe and angst? What is it about language, and why is the English world where these phenomena came about? Mind you, that's a huge leap in time and culture with which we have to deal. But, research opportunities are endless. 


We have to be technical from several angles as we proceed. Until then, assume that structure will emerge in the same sense as it would in a multi-disciplinary study. Today, we look at language since we have ChatGPT and Bing and others to look at. Where OpenAI's thing is known to have 'fake' as a basis. In fact, Bing needs to learn a lot, too. 

But, we'll not drop too deeply into these systems that came from an immature framework. No science is the basis for what these people are doing. We used to used 'cowboy' engineering for the undisciplined approach which could be effective in difficult times. Too, though, this about a language used by humans and their tools. We'll get to the other languages, eventually.

And, so, the focus is on "language as a loom" and upon English. The following list gets us started with the lead one being a former post. Then we consider a book from 1944 which I ran across today while browsing videos on language and learning. Finally, we go to Wikipedia, specifically to pull information about English which is our history. 

We started with English and will cover more as we go along. What's next? Perhaps, Latin? To wit, the appearance of very good Latin schools in New England. Kidding. Perhaps, Spanish? After all, New Spain had more territory. 

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