Sunday, February 9, 2020

Gardner IL

The U.S. is a huge place with lots of little areas beyond the huge regions of populace (metropolis). A recent show has been visiting small towns all over (Small Town Big Deal). We have not seen many episodes but have enjoyed those that we saw. It is interesting to see the local people and learn about their lives.

Earlier, we started to collect names of places in the U.S. that are Gardner (any spelling). The latest was Gardner River near Gardiner MT. We do not have a list places but ought to start one; there have been several posts on the subject. Recently, the STBD folks started out on Route 66 and headed through Illinois. It wasn't clear where they were headed, but this road looms large in reality and in American folklore.

All scenes along Route 66
Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA
Well, not far out of Chicago, they came to Gardner, IL. How did we miss that? Partly, it's being more familiar with the western parts of the road. But, too, growing the Gardner list is an on-going affair. And, this is a worthy cause. Gannett's 'The origin of certain place names in the United States' does not have some of the areas that we have covered: Gardiner OR, Gardner, CO,

So, per usual, we look to see what further information about Gardner, IL. We find lots of stuff, but this one will be looked at more closely: History of Gardner IL (also, History of Illinois and Grundy Co.). It started with the railroad. All of this goes right with our work related to the western movement and with the development of the interior of the U.S. From our experience, there are lots of issues researchers run into that need more study and a little bit of understanding. It's enough, now, to just list related posts: Flyover country (Genealogy and Bayes), Westward-hoAnother trail, Blogging and such, and more.

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