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Charles Thomson, Secretary of the Continental Congress

TL;DR -- As we move to the 250th of the U.S. start, technology will be causing huge influences never seen before. Some of this will be good, some not. We will not know immediately. In the meantime, everyone using technology will be working to hone their mature use, for the most part. Philosophizing here? Not really. This is a looming reality. We can learn from the past, in many ways. Technology will help us, somewhat. Charles Thomson is a good example of what we can focus on. He was with the mythical crowd for years, in the background. Oh, sounds like work? Too, he came as an Irish orphan (his father died on the boat coming over right when they spotted the land around Baltimore MD). He then met the tests of the New World and came to be where the myth makers were pondering how things were, ought to be, and would be and such. Not really, it was chaos as we can imagine. Maintaining life and limb through such times. Or now. As Paine wrote: These are the times that try mens' souls ... 


This post is imperative, categorically so. Why? We all have heard of the American Dream and whether it is alive or not. Or, did it ever exist? Or, what ought it be? Well, the 400ths allow the opportunity. The upcoming 250th (split from the Brits) makes it even more important. 

Who is this Charles of the Title that we wrote about yesterday (Research and Learning)? Why write of him? The first motivation is that he was the Secretary of the Continental Congress during its years. Therefore, he was in the company of the big names of personalities that we adore. Who has heard of Charles? You see, he has no progeny. Some claim relationship. It's not clear how this will wash out. As you know, claims will not stand up without some sources whose provenance is legit. 

For me, I make no claims as I know when my ancestors came over (mid-19th century, post the Civil War). Too, having done this work of the TGS, Inc. now for a decade, I have a feel for the long reach of New England. Having lived outside of New England and the mid-Atlantic except for a few years, I can assess the long reach of New England throughout the middle part of the large landscape of the U.S. Too, looking at lineages, I have seen influences from outside of the locale, every generation, somewhere. The context is the extended family wherein we look at more than the thread that is of interest to the Hereditary Society Community organizations or DAR/SAR.    

Which gets us back to Charles? He's from Ireland. And, got his position through effort. Now, he came with his father and brothers. The former died on seeing Baltimore from sea. The latter ones? We will be looking into that, as we mentioned in the last post. Then, he has other family. The claims mentioned above are from a wide area. But, Charles was more than a clerk; he proposed a design for the Great Seal of the United States; he was a "Prime Minister" in a sense. He and John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence. 

During Charles' time, there were many families coming to the colonies. So, it is fortunate that we can consider the times, and his position as a recent arrival, and, at the same time, look at what the cousins of various sorts were up to. As with the 300th last century, we will see stories arise to awareness needing some type of handling. Then, print was slow to spread around. But, think of the books written; many were good; some not (in fact, the repercussions for some took a bit of time to settle down). Now? The internet will make it worse. So, like then, we see this as Paine wrote: These are the times that try mens' souls ...  Be prepared. 

Aside: we need to update the Albion's Seed post (from 2016, see link prior paragraph) in terms of generations (say, the fifth doing the Revolution). In the book, the early folks were seen as being of a reconnaissance era, making the way for Winthrop. Up to the 1700, we need to pull these generations together with a tag, as the inflow picked up in the 18th Century. BTW, we'll map to going-ons in Europe (especially, England) and elsewhere. Of late, our focus has been the remote frontier that was beyond the Northwest Territory until we got our sea mode (see Water and air) moving again. 

That's our intent. I call it 'truth engineering' as a necessity that's been too long ignored. Perhaps, demonstrating the need and benefit through our work might be the proper avenue, for several reasons. 

Again, Charles? The following was used in a Harvard article on him (Course of Human Events blog - November Highlight: Charles Thomson). There is a link with the graphic. 

Declaration of Independence
Trumbull's painting

This painting is well-known.  Thomson is standing behind the desk (according to the Harvard article). As said, no descendant can claim him. Relations? Sure. Of late, we see copies of this painting where the gents are identified with markers that identify a descendant. This also has been copied with a descendant being in the same chair/position (see Different scopes) as of their ancestor's location at the event depicted. In one instance, multiple chairs were filled, with many left vacant. 

Question, can the chairs be filled with extant ones as descendants? Well, no, we can use Charles as an example of one with no offspring who had offspring (recurrently til now). His children died young.

We will see situations where families either already know their pedigree or will find it out. There will be creative use of the information. We need to take it back to say the time of Rev. John Wise who wrote words similar to what's in the Declaration document, over 80 years before. 

Another thing to remember is that this was early on. Lots of turmoil and suffering were coming down the pike. 

Remarks: Modified: 01/18/2023

01/08/2023 -- Added a few links to supporting material. 

01/18/2023 -- Author is descendant? To be looked at further. Independence, IA - Bulletin Journal: Charles Thomson, an American patriot

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