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France, again

TL;DR -- We read, recently, of the Founding Mothers of New Orleans which deal with ladies brought to the New World as punishment. It was in an article in American Ancestors (of the NEHGS) that we read. On looking further, we are reminded to take time to learn more of New France whose presence up north was the major focus. Conflict there provided a training ground for the necessary talent that would later split the U.S. from the Brit overview. 


We have only mentioned New France a few time, in the context of the north. Say, the French-Indian War which was the training ground for the Revolution? Or, Hector St. John who came here with the French effort but drifted south and was caught by the British in the Revolution? He was taken back to England, eventually got back to France to get his heritage, and returned to live his life our in the U.S. 

Recently, the American Ancestor (of the NEHGS) published an articles on the ladies who were brought over to the New Orleans area in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. A professor at Penn who researched the subject and published a book: Mutinous Women. Wikipedia, and others, provide more information. It has our interest, in part, since the events are before the French-Indian affair. Too, it deals with New France about which we have a lot to learn. Too, this occurred during troubled time, say not long after the witch events

The recent article looks at one ship. There were others ships; some have used casket girls for the group which ought to get more attention. Some can be seen as "Founding Mothers" of the U.S. An earlier group was referred to as the "King's daughters." 

Using the Wikipedia map to show a comparison, the extent of New France was quite large, a huge part of the Louisiana Purchase of the later time. New England pales being shown side by side. 

One thing to consider will be the split twixt New Spain and New France in areas where the Mississippi River was not providing the separation. 

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