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Modern Genealogy Made Easy

TL;DR -- So, genealogy and its way? Always of concern, especially when you see these folks a mere decade ago suggest that the internet was bosh, essentially. And, the decade ended up with people being remote (disparate and not) and connected via distributed means (namely, the cloud whether explicitly seen there or not). That refers to the decision to not foster much web usage. On the other hand, people want access. Why is it not there? Well, there is a podcast covering the topic which is very good. On the other hand, the Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. has worked to publish in that time frame and intends to keep on with the task. Can the next decade be better with improved choices made? 


We are not much for listening to podcasts. But, that follows from seeing that learning is better done by reading. Many times. On the other hand, want to explain some process, then demonstration is the key. Part of what is being addressed here relates to knowledge, its preservation and how to convey the needed core from generation to generation. 

Even in the old times, Socrates lectured to his students in a garden environment. Classrooms came about at some point. But, as we got better at printing, scholars had easy access to more information that could be studied privately. Then, we had major libraries available for students down to the present day (a few decades ago) of books available commonly in book stores. Dover publications come to mind as someone who covered lots of topics.  

Then, the computer happened? And, no one has shown the right approach. For one reason, there are just too many variables. We will need time to settle things. And, we will need to do this. Want to know a good genealogy example? WikiTree (WT). We'll be getting back to that, regularly.  

Another example is the blog. The title of this post is the name of one blog. The post got our attention after a link had been posted by Nutfield Genealogy to FB. FB and its ilk? Yes there are many other categories to consider. And, we are here, traversing through this immensity. 

Okay, the post: Why aren't more genealogy records online? Well, look at DAR/SAR. Both of them have databases that are of note. WT is developing nicely in this regard to. Outside of genealogy, there are lots and lots of examples. Want to see them? Go to any good Wikipedia topic and look at the sources that are referenced. Wikipedia is where we start our research nowadays on about any topic. Oh, Google? In our filter, Wikipedia comes in on the top, anyway. Why not start there?

So, back to the post. It goes through some of the issues related to costs, technical choices, maintenance and more. Given the computer age, problems abound all around. These can be categorized into those involved with technology itself versus those things related to the domain. In this case, genealogy would be one of the topics. Though, we could broaden it to more things that are important. 

At some point, we will address each of those points covered with respect to the work of the Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. in particular, to things of interest in the larger picture of this domain and its associates, all the way to the big picture's scope. Nice to see the blog post (and its referenced pod cast). After all, computing is not going away. It'll be pushed to unknown limits. Things definitely will not be easier. Anyone who tells us that it will be is a charlatan. It is about time that we get that fact known. 

Now, going forward, we have another side of this issue to get addressed. The genealogical community decided that they didn't like the internet, essentially, Probably too wild west. So, they dissed the thing. And, threw the baby out with the bath water. Oh yes. That was 2010ish

What happened in 2020? And, is continuing now as we approach 2022? Oh yes, cyber modes as the vogue, somewhat imperatively determined. Or, by caveat. Whatever. Lots to discuss. 

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