Tuesday, March 26, 2019

General Crisis

The title comes from a series of articles dealing with The General Crisis. These were published in 1954 by a British Historian. The topic dealt with turmoil and troubles in the 17th Century, globally.

Earlier, in terms of motivation, we touched upon the topic of Plus or Minus the Arrival (1 Mar 2013) when I was still a newbie in this type of work. I think of this as the smoking cigarette post, due to the image that shows the Royal reigns during Thomas' years. Earlier, I had looked at a topic that relates to the General Crisis which was the Black Plague (18 Nov 2012).

Then, we started the 'annals' look with Gardner's Beacon (Vol. II, No. 6). I have been looking at these items which were carried into the first edition of The Gardner Annals. And, of late, they are presented on our new portal in random order with the intent to scroll. That got me to reading these to identify necessary changes which is pending.

Another of the events was a Little Ice Age. The Thames froze as depicted in the painting. Crops failed. I have run across accounts about life in New England during the time.

Several other events that will be of interest: the Thirty Years' War, the English Civil War, several areas lost a large percentage of the population, climate change.

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