Thursday, February 28, 2019

Another twist

We have unclear situations on both ends of Thomas' curriculum vitae (so to speak). Part of our effort has been an attempt at filling in pieces. We have more information about Margaret, now. But, 'whence' is an open issue. We have summary that will be updated from time to time. We have figured out that Thomas' remains were lost: Gardner's Beacon, Vol. IX, Vol. 1.

We know that Margaret and Thomas lived in Sherborne where they married and had the first of their children. Records suggest (absence of such) that the family moved. The children's name match those of the Cape Ann couple: Sherborne, Dorset.

In a discussion, I heard about a case in the Singapore where graves were dumped in a river to make room for a road. The families complained, to no consequence.

So, while looking at whence issues today, I ran across this blog post: These Forty-one Puritan Gravestones. It talks about gravestones being moved without the bodies. It happened to these stone twice.

Ah, New England was Christian? Or money hungry?

The significance with this post about the 41 graves are several. Trask is a Cape Ann family. Too, Sidney Perley mentioned that some graves had been moved from Gardner's burial plot to the Trask plot which was almost adjoining. That motivated this New Twist post.

Remarks: Modified: 05/16/2019

03/02/2019 -- No, forty-one was minor. Now, it's 200 or so. That's not counting those interned at Gardner's Hill. All in little Essex County.

05/16/2019 -- The map that compares Sidney's walk-about with Google is way off. That is because I was looking at landmarks and not paying attention to details, like distance. So, see this update: How close is close ? II. Here is the updated graphics.
Oh yes, we are now honing into the area. 

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