Thursday, February 21, 2019

Gardner's Beacon, Vol IX, No 1

This issue of Gardner's Beacon looks at the last ten years and considers our next steps as well as future activities.

Then, we address the issue of "Where is Thomas?" from the framework of several years of research. We feel that this is an important issue that needs to be addressed, finally. And, we intend to follow this project through until enough is known to 'put it to bed' in a reasonable manner.

For more detail on the map that is on Page 2, see this post: 29 December 1674. That is the day that Thomas Gardner died. The post summarizes a few things and suggests that this issue of Gardner's Beacon was in development. Last year, we summarized several years of queries: The Remains of Thomas. We will be doing another summary, soon, in the context of a continuing project and what we know so far.

We provide a little information about Abel Gardner, who was the grandson of Thomas and Margaret that owned Gardner's Hill and the Gardner burial plot after his father, Samuel, died. He is an ancestor of Dr. Frank and Ann and her siblings. So, this is the issue strikes close to home.

After that, we'll plan how to establish a permanent memorial for Thomas (and the others who were re-interned, at that time). Included will be discussions about a virtual experience of Gardner's Hill and the burial plot being developed.


See Vol. IX, No. 1 of Gardner's Beacon for a review of research to date and more. Sources.

Remarks: Modified: 02/28/2019

02/23/2019 -- Put in link to prior post, concerning the original internment. A few minor edits on the PDF and image files. Note about Abel Gardner.

02/28/2019 -- Update link for Sources. Will put a post, henceforth, related to each issue, as we did with Gardner's Beacon, Vol. VIII, No. 1.

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