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Queen Anne

TL;DR -- Our gal, Queen Anne, gifted us with the Georges through her family. Do we ever stop to thank them? 


Earlier, we were looking at the spread of our research interests and mentioned the set-to between Rev. Cotton Mather (and his father) and Gov. Joseph Dudley. It was called a Pamphlet War and was of the time of Queen Anne's War. That was of the War of Spanish Succession. So, there was enough of an interest to bear some attention. Hence this post came about. First, a graphic which is a composite from two posts (Plus or minus the arrival, Origins - motivations) both of which are early (2013). 

Beheadings, Reigns

Below is a list of links to further material. But, let's look a little at the time. In the cigarette chart, one see Henry VII (on the left) who was the father of Henry VIII. Then, we see Anne (on the right). This timeline goes from the grandfather (abouts) of Thomas down to his children and grandchildren. And, this is pre-Revolution, by quite a bit. Well, there was turmoil all over Europe which we can get into. It came over here, too, in terms of the French and Indian conflicts which covered decades. 

Now, with respect to the one of the time of Mather/Dudley quarreling, we had the First of these conflicts. Remember, Dr. Frank noted that at the Third one, the 4th generation (our label) was trained by the Crown and later turned against the Crown with the 5th generation bearing the brunt of it all. Wait, the populace had lots of impact, too. We will tell those tales as we learn them. 

BTW, George III is a cousin of Anne (a Stuart, as was his great-grandmother), so that is one connection. 

This was the conflict where Deerfield, MA was attacked. And, those families had moved out west from the eastern part. We just looked at Maine where people went and some returned due to conflicts. We have mentioned a few families in these posts. Now, we mentioned Deerfield as the Neal's look at The History of New England had a brief look at that. Many were killed; over hundred souls taken north as captives. 

We saw another connection earlier, Judge Thompson, who wandered out to the left coast and also helped form Montana Territory, contributed to Dr. Frank's The Massachusetts Magazine. He wrote the History of Greenfield, MA which was split out of Deerfield, MA.

Now, back to the graphic. We looked at the rightmost part, where we see that Anne gave us the Georges against whom the colonists rebelled. That's coming up to be 250-years ago. Now, let's look at the left part. That is a list of beheadings in England, principally during the War of the Roses which ended with Henry VII. That whole sequence was a war of cousins, some of them fairly close (btw, we never liked the Game of Thrones deal - read the first 2 1/2 books and then got turned off with the improper fantasy - but, what the hey, it's the American way, to wallow, it seems, at times). 

We know of families in Deerfield and Greenfield and will be getting back to this in that sense. 

Remarks: Modified: 04/23/2021

01/31/2021 -- Anne's son died. Her cousin, Sophia (a Stuart), died, too. So, we got Sophia's son, George I. Haven't paid much attention to the details but will given the Continental meddling over here.

04/23/3021 -- Will get back to the continental meddling (well, island off that place) since it seems to not have an end. Oh yes, have to say this. Disney props and Hollywood facades as life and reality; versus, a real existence (many in the U.S. share the same pedigree to a point prior to the casting off) that has centuries behind it (with significant events, such as those related to the Magna Carta as well as the blood letting that seems to be so British). 

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