Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Summary, 2020

We have done some type of summary since 2011. We missed 2017, for some reason. Until two years ago, these were in a similar format. Not now (mobility's influence).

Like in 2019, we are using 'Last 3 months' rather than last 30 days. The new mode has more options than there were before. It is interesting to see that the "Marriage of Thomas and Margaret" post is still on top. Last year, it was also on top for both the past month and for all time.

We will get a multiple year view in 2021. Also, when we look at Summary, 2014, we see a more thorough review. We'll have to get back to that sort of thing.

Recaps: 2020, 20192018, 2017 (missing), 201620152014201320122011.

Remarks: Modified: 01/05/2021

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