Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Summary, 2014

This is the third year for a summary: 2012, 2013.

Our post count by year from the beginning: 2010 (13), 2011 (38), 2012 (30), 2013 (32), 2014 (47).

This year, the most active of the months was September with six posts.

The image shows reader activity by post for the "Past 30 days" and for "All time."

Past 30 days                                  All time      
In the "All time" column, "Gardners and Gardners" continues to be the post that has the most reads, overall. In 2012, this post was second. "Historical genealogy" was #1 in 2012; now, it is #3 as it was last year. "Old Planters, Beverly" kept its #2 position.

It is nice that the top reads of the "Past 30 days" are recent, albeit there may be some implication there in regard to depth of reading which might indicate a need to make links more prominent.

Of the issues for Gardner's BeaconTM, "Vol. II, No. 6" is on the "All time" list. For one thing, the issue had a time-line (annals) related to the lives of Thomas and Margaret. Too, it was the most lengthy of the issues, to date. We identified Elizabeth Gardner Armory as being the first to make the "1st Governor" claim. The overview (post) starts the discussion about Cape Ann's continued interest to the party after it ended up in Salem. Essentially, Thomas and Margaret got to enjoy, again and for a brief time, "their house" in an almost idyllic circumstance (American dream - no church, no state, no frictional neighbors; the life of Thomas and Margaret (as clean as Tabula Raza, if you would) offers much opportunity to more properly study and understand our modern basis). Expect more on this in 2015, as Magna Charta mania floats about.

The "Andover ordeal" post was followed by publication of an article in the second issue of The Gardner Annals.

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Remarks: Modified: 12/29/2019

12/30/2014 - In regard to historical genealogy, see recent Comment (November 17, 2014). Update of the discussion.

12/15/2018 -- Added links to recaps from the beginning.

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