Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Contents, Index

The Gardner's Beacon summary page has been updated with a Contents table and an overall Index.

Vol. IV, No. 4 is in the works.

In the meantime, we are prototyping an application process for descendant membership. Having submitted more than two handfuls worth of applications (all successful) in a brief time to hereditary organizations makes us very sensitive to oversights. What might these be?

For one, duplication runs rampant when this is not necessary given the professionalism (even if it looks backward) of genealogy. But, there is a lot more to discuss. Who will take up the quest for a more humane treatment?

Eric Roth has volunteered to help. To watch progress, see our discussion pages: using the ahnentafel, documenting research, supporting materialverbosity vs sparsity, ...

Remarks: Modified: 12/05/2014

12/05/2014 - Added a table for the PDF (print) files. See Table of Contents for Vol. IV, No. 4.

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