Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Status: 11/23/2014 - 0600 PST, site is up and running


Web site availability reports ought to be regularly supported. Today, I noticed that the site was down about 10:00 PST.  As of now, 15:25 PST, it was still not accessible. The service provider has a general comment about no ETA.

webhostinghub notice
of outage
However, they did say that there would be periodic updates. Well, five hours is way too long for such a period, IMHO. But, we'll have to see how this goes. 

The last noticeable outage was in June of this year. Prior to that, there had been no down times that were significant. Meaning, one expects to have tie ups due to several factors that users need to know.

On the other hand, the whole notion of who owns what is an on-going debate (part of the "neutral net" arguments, to boot). We have dealt with this the sense of content versus configuration, for one.

Web presence, that persists and evolves, will be an integral part of any communication strategy in the future. How this looks may differ wildly from our current level of technology, but some of the issues will remain hotbeds of discussion.


A note went out yesterday about the TEG publication. The note points to our repository of papers. The email server is co-joint with the web traffic handler. Is that good? Well, all sorts of questions will be addressed.

Status: (see FB)
      Under the auspices of Gardner Research, sponsored by the Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. 

      Switlik, John M. "John Sayward/Soward of Gloucester/Ipswich" The Essex Genealogist (TEG) Vol. 34, No. 4, November, 2014, page 210; In 1791, John Graves of Ipswich, MA married Elizabeth Sayward. Who was she? To answer that question, we need to look at Elizabeth’s parents. The article shows that her parents were John Sayward and Elizabeth Leatherland, of Ipswich, and, then, answers the question: who was John Sayward?

      Includes ahnentafel of an aunt of Dr. Frank A. Gardner, author. An earlier article covered his grandmother, Lucy Foster Wilson. Next up, his grandfather, Benjamin Brown Gardner.
Remarks: Modified: 11/23/2014 

11/22/2014 -- Started a post on the technical blog, using Word Press. The general topic is content management, however content, as an abstraction, has many levels. The discussion started two years ago when we had to move off of Microsoft's site and has continued. ... There are many troubles that we see with computing; now, some of these are old and gnarly, while others are due to the recent technological advances. You see, value from change is not always a positive thing. We will go more into that.

11/22/2014 -- 18:37 PST, still down.

11/23/2014 -- 06:00 PST up and running; need to check email status

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