Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Wikipedia II

TL;DR -- Love Wikipedia.  


Last post looked at the first issue of the Wikipedia page (10 Jan 2010). It was a very cursory look based upon what we had read. Over the next few days, more information was added, and the page was organized with sections. We started to collect descendants and noted which child they were from. We have found that some descendants have more than one child. As well, some OpEd material was added which came from reactions to the reading. 

This material has been moved to the 'Talk' page, but we will bring it out in this post or at the site with updates. For instance, there seemed to be a dearth of data with respect to Thomas and his life. Slowly, we have gathered more of this, including links to records in Dorset, UK with respect to both Thomas and Margaret. But, there is still a lot of curating and organizing work to do. 

The below image shows the page and sections from 31 Jan 2010. Now, this work is a classic example of juggling content and configuration simultaneously. That is, we were reading and leaning. Look at the reference section which is only partially complete at that time. Too, we were trying to make sense of the material. Now, that is against Wikipedia policy which would like the encyclopedic approach of quoting existing work. We were doing that as where else would we get information (aerial extraction?)? However, there is also the interpretative aspect dealing with "No Original Work." Again, we saw what we were doing as just reporting what we read, except for the OpEd features (now to be moved elsewhere). We had a list of descendants which has been moved to this blog and will become a regular feature of Gardner's Beacon and The Gardner Annals. The extraction from Wikipeda was completed in October (going backward from Seeth). Hence, our plan to now update the page.  

1st page - Thomas Gardner (planter)

Our coming edits will give us back an initial state which can be enhanced as we go forward.  

With respect to Dr. Frank's book, the main impediment to its use is that it's a family book with a private publisher (Higginson). 

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