Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Transition year, 2024

TL;DR -- We have records to study; we need to take this further; we need to assess the situation and rework the story of Thomas and Margaret; also, Dr. Frank did wonderful work given the limitations of his time; this post announces that the directions will modify but not drastically; rather, we can firm up the basis for future researchers. 


Gloucester which is at Cape Ann where the crew positioned themselves in 1623 has done a great job with their 400th anniversary year and its events. We have remotely supported that theme while continuing our research. 

About nine years ago, we started to look at digital copies of records at Sherborne, Dorset, UK. At the time, the index for these records had included the marriage of Thomas Gardner and Margaret Fryer. So, we took that to WikiTree and got the Great Migration Project to switch their view of Thomas with three wives to him with two, Margaret and Demaris. At the same time, we saw images of records of the early sons' birth. 

Then, this year, a Gardner descendant took the time and expended the energy to look through loads of digital images, currently not indexed, for Gardner, And, lo and behold, he found records for the rest of the children, minus one. That was Sarah who was born here in 1636. So, questions arise about Cape Ann as we have lots of information about Thomas in Salem. 

Okay, was Thomas here in the early days? Rev. Hubbard suggested that he had been here for the first year. It turns out that two sons had some extra markings on their record. One was John. He would have been born while Thomas was away. Okay, conjecture? Yes. Families can do that. 

Right now, the genealogists of WikiTree have records for two Thomases. The one of this organization's interest though we actually are interested in all things Gardner. The other is for an unknown fellow who was here since there are various references to Thomas Gardner involvement with Dorchester Company. 

In 2024 (actually starting this year; we'll recap what we have done so far), we will put more focus on origins than we have in the past. As in, thirteen years ago, we heard this: Americans worry about this side; leave the other side to the Brits. Well, we're announcing to the Brits that the Yanks are coming, somewhat. 


This is preliminary. The post will be edited with links. It's being posted as a reminder. With respect to research, we want to hear from all of the families about their knowledge. We have used WikiTree due to its support for projects that we think are important: GPM; Magna Carta: Gateways; ... 

.... When the post is done, this line will change. ...

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