Friday, November 3, 2023

American Indian Heritage Month

TL;DR -- Awareness months have different themes. We are targeting those related to heritage and study of such. Though, we do have a technology focus, as well. So, expect many themes and sub-themes to be on the table for research and discussion. 


Back in February of this year, we noted that we would be more regular in honoring heritage months: Awareness months. In this post, we looked at what we had done in 2022 and before. 

The month of November last year was announced by the White House, and we continue on that with this post. So far, we have touched upon five months. There are many awareness months, not all of them relate to heritage which relates more strongly to our work. 

We will start there, however technology is a theme chose, as well. Gairdner Foundation's work in medical biology was our initial example. This past month, they gave awards to researchers. We will get back to that news soon. --

Source: Wampum Wear
On Facebook, we saw this image and were captured by the list. Rather than point to a link, we traced down the source what was Wampum Wear (FB group, a Trading Company). Their intro says that they are "Pequot to Crow" in focus. 

We have mentioned the Pequot people a few times from the material that we read about New England. We will fill in that view with information from the American Indian viewpoint as we go forward.  

Remarks: Modified: 11/08/2023

11/08/2023 -- Had used image from FB whose URL signature expired. So, using copy.  

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