Thursday, April 27, 2023

Fairmont Hotel

TL;DR -- Technology allows many types of reports not possible in the past. This will be a continuing theme as progress continues. We look at San Francisco by two views, one old and the other of the modern marvels. The Fairmont Hotel stood the test and was finished. It has an interesting story of old and new families coming to the U.S. 


Earlier, we noted the 1906 earthquake and fire in San Francisco, CA which city features heavily in our look at history. The Presidio was established there at the same time as the American Revolution was getting ready to fire up. So, we're talking concurrent events from 250 years ago. Or, in terms of generations, the fifth's grand entry into the world. 

So, we have lots of links from New England and the U.S. to the city on the Bay. In that last post, we included two photos. We are taking the first one and comparing it with Google Earth's view (wait while the system switches to the view) of the city. The Fairmont Hotel is the focus. It was under construction at the time and withstood the test. It was cleaned up and finished to become the remarkable lesson that it is. 

San Francisco, 
1906 and Google Earth 2023

This post is to show benefits of technology. The original photo had been obtained using a kite. Several books would be required to go over all of the basis for Google Earth. It is more than the computer parts as lots of mathematics was required. But, we have that on our plate, as there is commonality with these techniques and those being used for AI. 

Our thrust will offer grounds for discussing how we can have maturity with request to technology, starting with software being more than a mere playground for those who can. Frankly, what happened in November of 2022 was the precipitation of an unnecessary trial whose characteristics are unknown (opinions range from glee to gloom, depending upon several things). One might also use awe and angst or any other pairing of concepts. 

Stay tuned, as we get the ball rolling with this effort. 

Too, John lived and worked on Hyde for over a year. The street is visible on the upper right as on[e] of the longitudinal lines cutting across the landscape. 

The Historic Hotels of America provides information: The Story of The Fairmont Hotel. It was named for Senator James Graham Fair who came from Ireland. In looking at the extended family, there are many threads of interest to follow. A daughter married into the Vanderbilt family which represents New Netherlands

Remarks: Modified: 08/08/2023

04/30/2023 -- The Geological Survey has a nice map with a legend of the extent of the fire. The legend shows the area of the Fairmont Hotel and the Flood Mansion, both of which still exist.  

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