Sunday, April 2, 2023

Research notes

TL;DR -- Too short for a TL;DR? Not. 


See our tech blog for our post summarizing our status: Research notes.  

We look forward finally get into the family before the move. When we started, the adage was this: Americans, work your side; let those over there take care of that side of things. 

Well, the Mayflower anniversary brought forth cooperative effort that was interesting to see. COVID interrupted the event's unfolding, but both sides organized events and tours. 

Too, there are many examples of work being done on both sides, so that adage can be forgotten. In any case, there was a lot to learn.

Our intent is to update the "What do we know?" list, the FAQ, the bibliography and more. Too, we will be gathering what tales came from where. We have already mentioned the Paine book. And, Rev. Hubbard had contemporaries.   

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