Friday, July 31, 2020

Preview, Gardner's Beacon, Vol X, No 1

TL;DR -- When will the next issue of Gardner's Beacon come out?  


Our last issue was Gardner's Beacon, Vol. IX, No. 3 which published in late December. We had anticipated an early spring issue this year but are a little late. Part of that has to do with the uncertain future that we are all facing. So, we have a lot of unknowns while going forward, some of which we hope can be resolved earlier than others.

Technology has shown its use in ways that were unexpected, albeit there might have been a hope. For one, interest in managing demands for streaming video resulted in a beef'd up set of communication modes whose presence turned out to be useful for people locked up at home. As well, business found great use for the facilities, as will we (see for ongoing discussions and demonstrations).

A hundred years ago, Dr. Frank's The Massachusetts Magazine quit publishing which was puzzling when we first started to look at the archives as he had excellent contributors. But, later, we were reminded of the Spanish Flu and WWI. That was a couple of years ago. This year really brought it home as we cannot have much to say about when things will quiet down. Nor do we have much to say about what the new normal might be. Just like our ancestors made it through those times, we can expect some future event that will include a thoughtful recap. However, just as the Spanish Flu was around for over two years, we might expect something similar or not. A vaccine would cut the time; a much longer time would not be outside of the realm of possibilities.

In the meantime, we will be reviewing the past decade's work while thinking of how things ought to progress. Too, we will be publishing the next issue of The Gardner Annals (Vol. V, No. 1). With that volume, we can go back and restructure material to put into book form. We expect to have a couple of issues in Vol. V. There is still time to contribute (

While doing research the past few months related to the American Revolution, we have been considering how the periods line up and overlap. So, we're facing the 250th of that event soon, about the same time as the Cape Ann celebration. Then, we have the post-revolution periods related to the growth of the U.S. in stature and wealth. In looking further at the GSMD books on the fifth generation, we saw that Dr. Frank had come forward to the seventh, for some parts of the family.

However, too, one could see that the 4th and 5th bore the onus of the attainment of freedom. Then, it was the 6th who carried on with the new country. The 7th? The first to enjoy the fruits of those turmoil that the earlier generations face.

Remarks: Modified: 11/10/2020

09/29/2020 -- We're making progress: GB Vol X No 1

10/28/2020 -- Yes. It's at the virtual print shop (where PDFs are created ;>). 

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