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Generations, again

TL;DR -- Starting with  Dr. Frank's 1907 book, we begin a look at the generational stack with the intent to go to WikiTree, next.


Lately, the generation theme has looked at major events in the U.S. history, starting with the Revolution. That was the ordeal of the 4th and 5th generations. Then, we had the 6th and 7th that were involved with the expansion of the American sphere of influence both internally (western expansion, et al) and in the world. Part of that was generating wealth, unbounded, for some families. At the same time, there were turmoils to consider. So, we will be trying to organizing these topics and the corresponding studies with respect to generations using several (actually many) families.

In terms of time spread of the generations, we can use the Mayflower example for comparison. Say, during the Revolution, we would have had people from the 4th, 5th, and 6th generations involved. Too, there may have even been some remnants of the 3rd and early entrants of the 7th generations around and about. The theme is, though, that 'cohort' is a useful concept which can be used to help with the categorizations. Using generations allows us to have a focus on families.

In his 1907 book, Dr. Frank starts the 3rd generation with #12 Lt. Thomas Gardner (bp 1645 - 1695), son of #2 Lt. Thomas Gardner ( - 1682) and Hannah (pg 101).
  • He starts the 4th generation with #61 Thomas Gardner (1671 - 1696), son of #12 Thomas (pg 134). This generation includes #69 John Gardner (1681 - 1732), son of #22 Samuel Gardner (1647 - 1724) and Elizabeth Browne (pg 140). 
  • He starts the 5th generation with #87 Habakkuk Gardner (1707 - 1762), son of #62 Capt Habakkuk Gardner (1673 - 1732) and Ruth Gedney (pg 162). This generation includes #105 Capt Jonathan Gardner (1728 - 1791) who served in both the French-Indian and Revolutionary wars (pg 178). Also, included is #129 Simon Stacey Gardner (bp 1743 - b 1787) who is the 2nd-great-grandfather of Dr. Frank. (pg 195). 
  • He starts the 6th generation with #139 John Gardner (1739 - 1805), son of #90 Capt John Gardner (bp 1706 - 1784) and Elizabeth Putnam. (pg 198). This generation includes #188 Jonathan Gardner (bp 1773 -1839), son of Simon Stacey Gardner (pg 283), and concludes with #192 John Gardner (1793 - 1834), son of #133 Joseph Gardner () and Anna Edee (pg 301). His daughter, #368 Harriett (1833 - 1887), is the last person named in the 1907 book of Dr. Frank. 
In the details for generation six, Dr. Frank gives information about the children and grand children. That gets us to the 7th and 8th generations. Given that we want to use Thomas' children as the 1st generation, Dr. Frank has given us a start on looking at the first of the seven generations. In that last generation, we will be looking at the U.S. Civil War.

Earlier, we did a table that listed the names in the two books. This list will be extended.

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07/29/2020 -- See next post for a Table of names from above.

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