Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Essex National Heritage Area

We saw this while reading the FB feed which is a minute portion of the total possible posts that could be thrown our way. One always hopes that those things thought pertinent by technology match up with what we might expect.

E. B. Teele
2008 Photo Contest Winner
Wonderland, 3rd place
Well, this was a feed from the Gloucester 400 group which led to related posts, one of which was from the Essex National Heritage Area (ENHA). A few posts conveyed the importance of this work plus its extreme interest to us. Besides, technology's impact is demonstrated.

When did the postings start? Well, on a look-back, "November 13, 2008" came up. On that day, the winners of a photography contest were announced. Winner: Gregg Mazzotta. He captured a view of the Saugus Iron Works. There many great photos. This one of Strawberry Hill reminds us of Winthrop's arrival. He feasted in the 'Great House' of Endicott; people went over to Cape Ann to pick fresh strawberries.

The post on the next day pointed to the e-Newsletter of the ENHA (November 2008).

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