Thursday, June 27, 2019

Houses, again

Several posts have had a 'house' theme, as did issues of Gardner's Beacon. Early on, there was the realization that a house had been built at Cape Ann in the early period, prior to Roger Conant's arrival.

BTW, a recent blogger said that Roger found a mess when he arrived. No so. I have already written of this and will summarize what we need to do in the next post.

So, that house was the one that Higginson called the 'faire' house. It had been brought from Cape Ann to Salem on the order of John Endicott. Too, it was where John E fed John W upon his arrival. The theme of Gardner's Beacon, Vol. I, No 3 was Margaret's House. An early post said Thomas' house. But, we had it as Roger's house later. Then, of course, Endicott's. Well, Dorchester Company property is what it was.

As we look at the first year, we need to consider this house and things like its use.

There was also Ann's house that she shared with Joseph. Later, it was called the Bradstreet house. Well, it's not around anymore, but a recent blog entry mentioned the house. So, I had to comment: When Joseph was killed, Ann married Simon. They had a prenup drawn up by her. Joseph was a lawyer, as was her father and brother. So, this story needs a little more attention.

Of course, Sarah Balch had her house, in Beverly. Mary Coffin had her house on Nantucket.

Then we get to the Gardner-Pingree house which still has the Gardner name. I first became aware of this house upon reading the story in the Smithsonian's magazine. The same blog had an entry about this house. Again, a comment:

There are others with this theme. Another important post dealt with the Salem Fire of 1914. In reading the Chronicles, we can see that there had been other incidents of such type of destruction.

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