Saturday, November 5, 2022

Guy Fawkes Day

TL;DR -- Guy Fawkes may have supporters in the U.S. still. But, other events might have similar appeal. Do celebrating these aggravate folks and inhibit aggregative efforts? 


If one goes to Facebook (Meta's toy), one see lots and lots of organizations and people giving their contributions to the growing information pile. For good or bad? Well, we'll let Elon Musk fight that battle. 

What we see is that technology involved with the explosion is giving ordinary people the chance to tell their tales, of self or family or others. Too, some are using the mode for commercial purposes related to profit. There are too many permutations to list and keep focus. For us, we see that the TGS, Inc. is using the mode as a means for non-profit ways. And, in several ways is this being done. 

For one thing, we'll be contributing historical items of many sorts. Too, we will look across time and space in ordinary ways, and not, to discuss associations that history ignores. These are endless. What will filter, eventually if at all? Well, who knows. We are all on a learning trek. 

And, AIn't? It'll be seen as a tool when wisdom raises its head, again. In the meantime, we'll persist. 

So, FB's prompt today? Guy Fawkes (our post, last year, was British Cousins). For more information on the supplier of today's post, see 250 Years America's Founding. There are many sites dealing with this subject. One we like to remind people of are those related to the work of S.A.R. and D.A.R. Last year, there were four years left in the countdown; now, we have three. 

Guy Fawkes Night? The 1605 event is still celebrated. In the post, the 250-Years folk talk about the colonial aspects as well as Gen. Washington's efforts to control the emotion in the ranks of the military.   

Celebrating Guy Fawkes had become a habit in the colonies starting in 1623. Gen. Washington did not think it proper to continue this during the conflict especially if allies were offended. 

Of note is that William & Mary came to England on Guy Fawkes Day in 1688. 

So, today? Lots of analogs apply in this day of turmoil of types not seen before. 'How can we remain civil?", for one thing. 

Aside: last year, we did not stress Guy Fawkes enough. 

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