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Department of Interior in MO

TL;DR -- Our focus has gone from the east coast to the middle of the country and then all coasts. The U.S. is hugely varied. And, that middle? Thought of as flyover country. Sure. Let one in the middle show you the reality that is extant there. St. Louis? Heard of it. That is the point from which the brains carved the west. Which is the middle, in this case. Over a century or more.  How relates to TGS and New England? When Missouri became a State, so too did Maine. Maine? Yes, it was grabbed by Massachusetts overlords. Albeit, that the areas were separated by New Hampshire. Oh yes, what went on in the East came out West. Same peoples, one might argue. 


We mentioned that we were getting back into nautical situations after looking at things that pertain to the landlubber side of the world. That doesn't mean that we won't look at the dynamics of the interior frontier. Rather, we will strike a balance. 

Now, MO is being a focus for a while due to the importance of St. Louis. Surveys were managed out of that area after the Louisiana deal was struck. It took a little time for organization to follow the people who flooded in immediately. Some of these we have looked at. 

Early records are scarce, but we can use this area to see how the west was won like the Paper Trails study did with the Post Offices across the country. As well, one repository is under the auspices of the Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management. They have a nice database: General Land Office Records. The GLO provides auxiliary information, such as Surveys. We will look at one County out west that was not surveyed until 1819. 

We have used the GLO recently to establish some families and their footprint in early MO. But, there is another family that we can look at more thoroughly since they are well known. The Boones. Daniel was into MO before Jefferson's deal. He is not in the GLO database, but his sons are with early entries of 1825 for obtaining Patents in Callaway County which is almost to the middle of the State along the Missouri River. With respect to the Boones, we will look at Lafayette County which is getting closer to Kansas City. It is one county over from the Jackson County area of Independence that was inundated by people moving along the trails, prior to rail traffic. 

Listing for Nathan  Boone

Too, we will look at the early Missouri Compromise where Maine was split off from Massachusetts at the same time. And, how we link New England with what happened out west? Easy. Same people. We will map out those things. Like, not far from where I am, the main drag of a little town is Massachusetts Street. 

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