Friday, August 29, 2014

Gardner research

Recently, research performed under the auspices of the Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. culminated in papers that were published in The Essex Genealogist (2014, Volume 34). 
  • "The Graves Family of Ipswich" TEG, Vol. 34, #2, Pg. 92 (Update of TEG (2000) Vol. 20, #4, Pg. 226)  
  • "The Trials of the Wilson Family" TEG, Vol. 34, #3, Pg. 155
A subsequent paper ("John Sayward/Soward of Gloucester/Ipswich") will be printed in the next issue of The Gardner Annals. 


See Annals/Research for an ahnentafel for Lucy Foster Wilson Gardner that accompanied the Wilson family paper. Lucy was the grandmother of Dr. Frank. A. Gardner, the original Gardner researcher.   

The ahnentafel is full through six generations and is fully sourced for births and deaths. At this time, the material is in a PDF file. The intent is to have a Gardner database that will be sourced (when possible), persistent and maintained.  

In the meantime, this format can be easily parsed and could be used to begin to collect information about Gardner roles in history. Dr. Frank A. is a descendant of son Samuel. It would be a good milestone to have one of these for each of the children of Thomas and Margaret.   


We are inviting contributions of data related to Thomas Gardner of Salem and his descendants (algswtlk [at] aol [dot] com). 

Remarks: Modified: 09/15/2018

09/15/2018 -- Gardner Research published four articles in The Essex Genealogist. These were republished in The Gardner Annals which just released Vol. IV. Last fall, we printed TGA Vols I and II. Soon, we will print Vols III and IV. Included with the TGA were Gardner's Beacon issues. Of late, we have experimented with one approach to a database, namely WikiTree using Dr. Frank's information. As mentioned in that post, we have established that Thomas had two wives as we found information about the marriage of Thomas and Margaret in Sherborne, Dorset, UK.

09/17/2014 -- Modified the email.

09/17/2014 - The next issue of Gardner's Beacon (Vol. IV, No. 3) will have an Annals/Research focus. The use of Annals before Research denotes several things, one of which is that the Annals is expected to publish more than results from Gardner's Research. ... The next issue of Gardner's Annals will reprint an article from TEG Vol. 34. Too, it will print an article that is expected to be in the November, 2014 issue of TEG.

09/28/2014 -- A week ago, the record for the marriage of Thomas Gardner and Margaret Friar was discovered in Sherborne by John Cook of Minneapolis, Dorset files. This sets a type of focus. Looks as if some transcription work might be in order.

10/03/2014 -- WikiTree and the like.

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