Thursday, September 11, 2014

Next Gardner's Beacon issue

The next issue of Gardner's Beacon, Vol. IV, No. 3, is in the works. Per usual, there will be an update to the historic record in the "annals" format. Also, some details regarding the Corporation are provided.

A couple persons of interest who are mentioned in the issue are Ann Downing who married Joseph Gardner. They are an example of those who did not leave offspring and whom we ought to make a special effort to remember. Ann is a fascinating subject and will be featured again.

Perley provided maps of Salem with his book. On one map, he used Ann Bradstreet to mark the owner of a lot. Ann had married Simon Bradstreet after Joseph was killed in the Pequot War. It was her property prior to the marriage and belonged to her mother, Lucy, earlier.

Perley took the time to trace transactions for the property, including partitionings done during Joseph's time and later. When Ann died, part of the estate went to Joseph's heirs who were sons of his brother, Thomas.

Another interesting person is Sarah (Kimball) Leatherland who raised her kids after her husband, John, died when the kids were young. Sarah had to later go to court to get custody for son, John, who then joined, at a young age, the Ipswich military during the time of the French & Indian war which event some claim was practice for the later conflict with England.            

Remarks: Modified: 09/15/2014

09/15/2014 -  More references use Lucy than not.

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