Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Gardner Annals, Vol I, No 1

This post introduces the premier issue of The Gardner Annals (Volume I, Number 1). In the interests of the Society's purpose "to honor the accomplishments of the Cape Ann party and to promote, and to sponsor, scholarly research of a cultural, biographical, historical, and genealogical nature, with an emphasis on, but not limited to, the origins and the lives of New England immigrants," the Annals will allow presentation of results and materials related to the research that is sponsored by, or is of interest to, the Thomas Gardner Society, Inc.

This issue provides a chronological view of some events of interest. The items have appeared in Gardner's Beacon issues starting with Volume II, Number 6.

Accompanying the Annals will be a repository for information that will be of assistance to researchers. For example, we intend to post ahnentafels that have been fully referenced. Additionally, we will collect information about Patriots who may be documented, such as having entries in Massachusetts Soldiers & Sailors in the war of Revolution, but who may not appear in any approved ancestor lists, such as the D.A.R. database.  The information in the repository has a purpose of encouraging further research.

Remarks: Modified: 03/02/2019

08/07/2014 - With respect to the use of Margaret Fryer, see How Many Wives? and About Margaret. ... This, of course, is subject to research and discussion, but a strong case can be made that Margaret was busy with kids and not inclined to endure puritanical posturings. Too, Thomas did (deigned to do) his freeman's oath when it became advantageous for his children that he do so. When Thomas signed up, in 1637, he was immediately thrown with Hathorne into the General Court. I would love to hear (have heard) Thomas' reaction to machinations of the Johns (and their cohorts). Again, one research mode will look at who contributes more (age-old issue, but very much of interest today and into the future).

09/01/2014 -- Gardner Research announced. "The Trials of the Wilson Family" published (TEG (2014) 34:155).

09/17/2014 - The next issue of Gardner's Beacon (Vol. IV, No. 3) will have an Annals/Research focus. The use of Annals before Research denotes several things, one of which is that the Annals is expected to publish more than results from Gardner's Research. ... The next issue of Gardner's Annals will reprint the article from TEG Vol. 34. Too, it will print an article that is expected to be published in the November, 2014 issue of TEG.

09/30/2014 -- Marriage record for Thomas Gardner and Margaret Friar found in Sherborne, Dorset. ... Vol. I, No. 2 published.

12/31/2016 -- Remembering Thomas.

03/02/2019 -- We have published four volumes of The Gardner Annals and have printed these. We are building an index via images at our portal to truth.

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