Saturday, September 17, 2022

John Winthrop (educator)

TL;DR -- John Winthrop's post is imperative. He served twice, before and after the term of Samuel Locke, while he was a Professor, as well. 


We continue covering all of the Heads of Harvard (Wikipedia) with John Winthrop (Wikipedia) who served briefly before and after the term of Samuel Locke. With this post, we have covered all of the Heads of Harvard from Eaton (1636) to Cornelius Conway Felton (1860) which is a nice 200-year span.  

As we look at the Heads, we have done some research related to their families, mostly using WikiTree. The terms of Winthrop were in 1769 and 1773. Winthrop (WikiTree) is old Massachusetts being a descendant of the John Winthrop who came in 1630 with a fleet of settlers, many of whom were of families with old English pedigree. 

Later, we will post more about Winthrop's life.    
Winthrop died in 1779. More later (see following notes).



1. John Winthrop was a Professor of Harvard. We mentioned him earlier with respect to the early years of Count Rumford who attended Winthrop's classes as a youngster and will follow that theme a little further. Just added notes to the Wikipedia Talk page with three references to Rumford, including mention of Loammi Baldwin who attended Winthrop's classes with Rumford. 

2.  ...

Remarks: Modified: 09/17/2022

09/17/2022 -- John Winthrop, like some of the others, is kin which will be an interesting bit of study. 'kin' covers both aspects, blood and collateral (say, in-laws). This is a common occurrence in New England that provides endless amounts of research which could only happen with technological assists. 

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