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Zouch Phoenix

Note: See this post: In summary. We have new information about the baptisms of the children and are in the process of researching to establish a proper narrative. For now, see comments at the WikiTree profile for Thomas Gardner. We will start with Rev. Hubbard who was there (1680 manuscript). 


Work until last week, for the most part, used Dr. Frank A.'s 1907 book. Why? It was available on-line at several places. Last week, we found out that the 1933 book is available, too (post on Heather's brick wall - Benjamin Gardner). It was so good to see this book so that we can continue apace.

Here is the link:
By this time, Dr. Frank A. had gathered a little more information (26 years of work). He mentions the ship on which the family came. And, the Zouch Phoenix is on the list of ships at the Weymouth, UK site.

Notice that the UK site says that the family of Martock, Somerset. Earlier, we saw a Thomas and Margaret married in Sherborne, Dorset. These two places are only about 14 miles apart.

Also, there is a list of passengers:
    Thomas Gardner and his wife, George Gardner, Richard Gardner, Joseph Gardner (all either of Weymouth or of Martock, Somerset), John Balch of Horton, Somerset, Mrs Agnes Balch, Benjamin Balch, John Balch, Thomas Gray, Walter Knight, William Trask of East Coker, Somerset, John Tilley, Peter Palfrey of Horton, Somerset, John Woodbury of Dorchester, Dorset.
Supposedly, there were some people were left at Cape Ann in the fall of 1623 to over winter. This needs a little more attention.

Remarks: Modified: 06/20/2023

02/27/2015 -- Discussion continues.

03/03/2015 -- We have more questions than answers (actually, the preferred state as it motivates more study). Looking at the passenger list, we see Joseph. Dr. Frank has him being born after Samuel. Where is son Thomas who was firstborn (do we have a transcription problem here?)?

07/12/2015 -- Okay, turtle speed. But, we get there. Announcing a new project: Sherborne, Dorset. No doubt, it is about time. When finished with the data collection and analysis, we will present the strongest story (the prerogative of the family) that the facts, and abductive reasoning, will support. As such, we hope to demonstrate some very much needed research viewpoints.

07/12/2015 -- We mention abductive approaches (my career was spent in advanced computing - software and modelling, essentially). Please refer, at least, to C.S. Peirce's (we mentioned him in an earlier post - Benjamin Peirce) work in the area. [Love it: From Ugly Duckling to Swan]

03/14/2019 -- Added image for the index on our portal to truth.

03/19/2022 -- Nice to see research on the family of John Tilly. NEHGR, Winter, 2022 has an article on John and his family by Clifford L. Stott. The title is "Rev. William Tilley of Broadwindsor, Dorset, and His Sons in New England: John, Nathaniel, and William." Identifies his child and more. 

06/20/2023 -- Added note about our research and the expected new narrative. 

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