Saturday, January 3, 2015

Benjamin Gardner

Heather Wilkinson Rojo, descendant of Thomas and Margaret through Sarah Balch, has documented a "brick wall" (see below list, Surname Saturday - 3 Jan 2015) regarding Benjamin Gardner (ca 1720 - 1797) of Boston and Salem (MA) who was known to, and mentioned in the diary of, Rev. William Bentley. The following links summarize, briefly, what has been written so far.

Links added after the initial post (in chronological order by the posting). 
  • Ancestry board (8 Dec 2003) -- Hitchings connection, Benjamin's daughter married into the family.  
  • Ancestry board (10 Jul 2007) -- Information about the puzzle. 
  • ...

Gardner Research has a lot of interest in how Gardner families might relate or not.  

Remarks: Modified: 03/05/2017

01/03/2015 - Note, Dr. Frank A.'s Gardner Memorial book is digitized and on-line (Hathi Trust). I have been using the 1907 book since it is digitally available. From a brief review of this later book, I can see that Dr. Frank A. made some additions related to Thomas, specifically, as one would expect given the time lapse from 1907 to 1933. So, expect comments, and articles, on differences (see the table of person in the books, side by side). The latter book, Memorial, followed George's line. The first book detailed Dr. Frank A.'s lineage and a few others. Expect an article soon with information about Nathaniel Eaton, who is in the line of Benjamin Brown Gardner.

01/06/2015 -- Verified that the links were going to the right place. Adding links as I find them during a get-acquainted set of searches.

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  1. Thanks for reposting the links to my blog posts about Benjamin Gardner. I'm hoping he's a descendant of Thomas, but I've had no luck in establishing his origins yet.