Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great Migration sketches

We already have been using the six-pages about Thomas in the Great Migration books (NEHGS copy). There has been additional material published by the project.

Yesterday, I ran across this web site that is using Wiki technology to provide information about early entrants. Below is a link to the page dealing with Thomas. One of our goals will be to contribute to this site, especially on the Old Planters of Cape Ann. Notice the people who haven't been written up yet (Great Migration Study Project Sketches). This type of work represents how to apply technology to support genealogy via the web (On blogs and other modern means).

We know that some old-world-based research will be required. For starters, we ought to look at work that has already been done (including mentioning that Frank left some notes -- where are those?). So, expect those findings to show up here.


Not exactly an aside: Thomas' son, Richard, was said to have been considerably educated, and Thomas did do work that required literacy, etc. Richard must have gotten his learning from association with his parents. In fact, Thomas' son, Joseph, worked as a lawyer. There was no 'law' school here. No doubt, Thomas received some type of schooling. Where? But, the thing that looms largest is that Thomas was in an authority position in an endeavor that involved many families (about the investors). That type of responsibility being conveyed would not have happened with an unknown. Of course, Thomas was effective; there is more evidence for that than his descendants.


11/21/2019 -- We have used Dr. Frank as the focal for Gardner Research. There have been lots of updates on Dr. Frank1907 chartWikiTreeFrank signed his father's copy of the 1907 book, and Dr. Frank's remains.

10/03/2014 -- Dr. Frank A. will feature in the future. Was he right about Thomas and Margaret (their marriage record found, recently)? Why did the Great Migration Project ignore him?

12/22/2012-- We need to differentiate between Old Planters of Beverly (see The Old Planters of Beverly in Massachusetts, 1930, Alice Gertrude Lapham, The Riverside Press) and the Old Planters of Massachusetts. One could even talk, Old Planters of New England.

11/28/2012 -- The above 'werelate' page has more information than that of Dr. Frank and the Great Migration Study which we'll have to scrutinize. The Wikipedia page, of course, is being edited by TGS, for the most part.

11/27/2012 -- Let's itemize what we know, re-iterate some basics, and the proceed constructively.

05/01/2012 -- We'll need to talk singularity in the context of Alan. The computer has as many holes as do we; however, we can cut out of the fog. Genealogy (historic, biologic, and more) will be a basis for looking at this concept and its importance. That is a forward look. Going backward, we'll find a way to adopt memes, as a necessity. We are, one might say, meme readers. Too, we express what they convey. That is supposed to suggest something that we need to understand: parallel to we being expressions of our genes. Now, within that framework, our look back at Thomas is apropos.

04/30/2012 -- Old Planters (seems to be one of the more popular posts) updated to use the list from the Winthrop Society.

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