Sunday, December 23, 2018

History and Cape Ann

While reviewing former posts, in the reorg effort, a post from 2011 on John Tylly got me looking at what became of him. That led to a reread of material on Cape Ann as this was the original demarcation point. Below is the beginning of a list of books in order of publication.

However, there have been articles by Mary Ellen Lepionka that caught my attention. For instance, from February of this year: The Settlement of Cape Ann: What is the Real Story? It provides a broader scope that we can learn from.

More reading to do:
The Colonial Dames have a Cape Ann Chapter that is based in California. 

We will continue our research on John Tylly, as one who needs to be remembered.

Remarks: Modified: 01/13/2019

01/13/2019 -- Left a comment at the 'Settlement' article: On Thomas and Margaret

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