Friday, December 14, 2018

Gardner's Beacon, Vol VIII, No 2

This issue of Gardner's Beacon reviews the activities and accomplishments for the year as well as current and future research interests. The 400th of Plymouth is coming up in 2020. Cape Ann wouldn't be far behind.

In terms of activities, this year, we learned more about Margaret Friar. The discussion was supported by her profile on WikiTree. We know her parents, when they got married, when she was baptized, her father's will, and notice of the marriage to Thomas.

We completed a WikiTree profile for Dr. Frank, including his mother's line as delineated in his own handwriting. We found out that Dr. Frank is a descendant of both Margaret and Damaris.

During the year, we did another print of The Gardner Annals. This issue includes Vol. III and IV. We  summarize the contents of this recent print. Also, we now have a set of two prints (I&II and III&IV) available for purchase. Contact us at for ordering instructions.


See Vol. VIII, No. 2 of Gardner's Beacon for a review of research to date and more. Sources.

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02/28/2019 -- Updated the link for Sources. 

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