Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where is Thomas? II

Earlier we asked and, partly answered, the question: Where is Thomas?

His remains were moved to this area, in Salem. Perhaps, we can be more specific, at some point.

The area depicted is in the Harmony Grove Cemetery near the gate that opens into Peabody. Several graves were moved over when Salem built up the area of Boston and Grove (Bing map).


08/17/2015 -- Response to Wikipedia change that questions the move(?).

03/12/2015 -- Dr. Frank's 1933 book (pg. 22) does not mention the move.

11/16/2012 -- In preparation for the upcoming 400th, we ought to find Thomas' stone (Able's and Sarah's, too) and get it set back up in an accessible manner.

02/13/2012 -- Thomas was around here, in 1641. 

Modified: 08/17/2015


  1. The office at Harmony Grove is very good about answering queries. The woman who works there has fantastic files, and loves to work with historians and genealogists. Have you asked her about Thomas Gardner?

  2. Heather, of course, I was there and have talked to them on the phone. Plus, their brochure summarizes what they (as in the current staff - at the time of the query) knew/know about the situation. Too, Dr. Frank mentions the move of the bodies.

    Now, this past year, I received a photo of someone who was there and who thought a crypt was the area. No, that is a family plot that came later.

    Then, this weekend, someone intimated that the area is the "same" according a map of the area.

    So, it is all summarized in this post.